Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Best 10 Signs Of Good Relationship

We know that relationship are tricky and there are many chance of unhealthy ones. Today we will provide you Best 10 Signs Of A Good Relationship. If you want to make our relationship better than we should make happy to our partner. All relationships like girlfriend - boyfriend, husband - wife etc. are filled with up, downs and in - between. There are some problems absolutely. So how do you know you are in a Good Relationship? To know this you can read our 10 signs below. These are imagine and best sign by which you can easily know that you are in Healthy Relationships.

1. Trust Each Other-
 Every relationship are based on trust or we can say that a great relationship are built on a great trust. Here you think about your bad relationship with your love, friend etc. then you will find there were trust issues. Trusting your partner is vital and it takes a lot of time to built. If you trust your partner that means you are healthy relationship with your partner.
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2. Give Time And Personal Space-
The healthy couples spend a lot of time to each other. But they do not give personal time and personal space to each other. In a healthy relationship personal space is more important.

3. Accept Each Other-
For a healthy relationship people accept each other. It does not mean that you will also accept her/his bad habit. Its mean you should accept who your partner chooses to be. You should understand to each other.

4. Hold Each Other Up During Bad Time- 
It is the Best Signs Of Good Relationship. It is most important that how you support each other during these trying times. If you support each other in every conditions that is great for your healthy relationship. Don't be afraid to experience pain and suffering. It is a fact that if  you are still here mean you have a 100% success relationship with your partner.

5. Treat Each Other With Kindness-
It is also most important sign to know about the healthy relationship. In love, nothing is more important than treating to each other. You should treat each other with care, consideration, empathy and appreciations. If you find yourself showing more respect to your partner that mean you are in a healthy relationship.

6. Say The Magic Words-
In all relationship some fight is compulsory but after that fight you say sorry to your partner that mean you love so much to your partner. You never want to lose him/her. Some other magic words are "I love you", "Thank you" and also "I am sorry".

7. Can Talk About Anything-
Good Couples tell each other everything. They never hide anything between them. If they hide something that mean they are telling a lie and it is not good for your healthy relationship. So always frank with your partner.

8. You Are Intimate-
For a healthy relationship Sex is an important part of healthy relationship but it is only one part and it is different than intimacy which is less about physical satisfaction than about bonding, friendship and other thing. If you are in a healthy relationships than you will feel good always and connected to each other in a bed and out of bed.

9. Find Joy-
Healthy relationships are full of joy. In a healthy relationship couple spend a lot of time to each other with a joy or fun. It does not mean you are busy every hour of the day. But in good/healthy relationship it is necessary that you will joy with your partner. Making dinner, lunch together.

10. Able To Let Go Of The Past -
Healthy couples know that mistake are nothing but pathways to attainment. They do not have past memory. If we live our new life with our past or forget our past bad moments then it is a good sign for healthy relationship.

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